Digital image correlation (DIC) - VEDDAC
Digital image correlation - VEDDAC
DIC measuring software for motion, deformation and strain analysis

VEDDAC is a universal and flexible DIC software for the analysis of motion, deformation and surface changes on the basis of digital image correlation.

With VEDDAC in-plane displacements and local strain fields on object surfaces can be determined, thus solving your measurement tasks and challenges in research, production and monitoring with maximum accuracy and reliability.

New version VEDDAC 7

With VEDDAC 7, even more precise and reliable surface image analyses can be performed to characterize motions, deformations and failures. VEDDAC 7 adds many new functionalities to what was tried and tested in the previous version, VEDDAC 6. With its modern, user-friendly and intuitive program interface, VEDDAC 7 offers the user time-effective image evaluation.

VEDDAC 7 - introductory video

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Universal and flexible

Whatever image capturing technology you use, with VEDDAC 7 you can comfortably process even large image sequences.

This allows you to analyze your processes, even if the surface structure changes considerably during a deformation process. Surface preparation is usually not required for image evaluation with VEDDAC 7.

Intelligent analysis technology

VEDDAC 7 features an innovative and intelligent patented analysis technology that provides demonstrably better evaluation quality, especially when the images to be analyzed show low contrasts or poor surface structuring.

This makes VEDDAC 7 the preferred evaluation tool for scanning electron microscope and X-ray computed tomography images.

Extensive visualization and export options

VEDDAC 7 offers a variety of visualization features for displaying the results of your image sequence evaluation. You can display displacement fields, local strain fields, mean strains, bend lines, local velocities and accelerations or paths in VEDDAC 7 as a result image, video or diagram. With the new diagram function in VEDDAC 7 you can track your measured values in the diagram assigned to the result image. It is possible to import customer-specific data (e.g. force, temperature, ...) for display in the diagram.

Extensive export functionality allows you to use the results in external programs. The export is available as text/ Excel file, image sequence, data diagram or as video.


Use VEDDAC 7 in a wide variety of applications:

  • Research and development
  • Materials science
  • Microelectronics
  • Microsystems technology
  • Automotive engineering
  • Geosciences
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Energy technology
  • Construction and transport, and so on.
Technical data
Image sources:
  • CCD/CMOS camera
  • High-speed camera
  • Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
  • Laser scanning microscope (LSM)
  • X-ray computed tomography (CT)
  • ...
Supported image formats:
  • All standard image formats (*.bmp, *.tiff, *.png, *.jpg)
  • Displacement fields
  • Local strain fields (normal, technical, principle and true strain)
  • Mean (global) strain (horizontal and vertical)
  • Bending lines
  • Paths (trajectories)
  • Local velocity and acceleration
Export formats:
  • Text file
  • Excel
  • Image sequences
  • Video (WMV)
  • Charts
Minimum system requirements:
  • Standard PC/Laptop with:
  • Windows 7 (x64) or newer
  • Intel Core I5 Prozessor or equivalent
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 or equivalent
  • 8GB main memory
VEDDAC graphical user interface
New, intuitive program interface
Strain field at the crack under mechanical load
Strain field
at the crack under mechanical load
Displacement field of a printed circuit board under temperature
Displacement field
of a printed circuit board under temperature
Path and speed
Chimney blasting (Wolkenstein / Saxony)
Electronics - Reliability - Damage to a soldered joint due to temperature change
Electronics - Reliability
Damage to a soldered joint due to temperature change
Early disaster warning - Bisgletscher, Canton Valais, Switzerland
Early disaster warning
Bisgletscher, Canton Valais, Switzerland
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