microDAC® - Measuring Systems
Universal measuring system - microDAC®

microDAC® measuring systems are modular high-performance systems for 2D analysis of motion, deformation and strain on the basis of digital image correlation (DIC). They are characterized by a high degree of flexibility of the optical design and enable comfortable, time-effective image analysis.


microDAC® measuring systems have a wide range of applications from micro to macro-scale. Due to their modular design, they can be adapted quickly and flexibly to the corresponding measuring task.

Fields of application are

  • Testing of materials, components and systems in microelectronics
  • Determination of material parameters
  • Swelling and shrinkage behaviour of moisture- and temperature-stressed materials and components
  • Fracture mechanical investigations (crack propagation, adhesion of material composites, ...)
  • Measurements of thermal and mechanical deformations on machines (e.g. textile machines, wire drawing machines, ...)
  • Displacement and velocity analyses

The microDAC® measuring system is offered as an optical system component for the multifunction tester “Condor Sigma” XYZTEC.

Technical specifications

microDAC® measuring systems are offered as a standard basic system, but can also be customized or extended.

Basic system microDAC®:
  • 1 stationary image processing station (IPS)
  • 1 industrial camera (GiGE interface)
  • 1 Lens 25mm, 1.4 (flexible from 25mm to ∞ applicable)
  • Tripod
  • VEDDAC cam - software for time-controlled image acquisition
  • VEDDAC 7 - image correlation software

The performance of microDAC® measuring systems is determined by the respective system-integrated camera. By default, you can choose between a high-resolution system and a system with higher image capturing rate:

Basic system Sensor resolution Frame rate
microDAC® high resolution 2464 x 2056 Pixel 23 images/s
microDAC® fast 1936 x 1216 Pixel 50 frames/s

The measuring resolution of the displacements is 0.01 pixels and depends on the size of the measuring range under inspection. For example, for a measuring range of 25mm in the basic microDAC® high resolution system, displacements down to 0.1 µm can be determined precisely.

Additional components for basic system microDAC®:

The microDAC® basic systems can also be individually configured or supplemented according to your task and measuring conditions ( measuring resolution, spacial conditions, ...).

  • Mobile image processing station (laptop)
  • 2.-4. cameras for stationary IPS
  • 2nd camera for mobile IPS
  • Camera with higher resolution (6 MPixel, 9 MPixel, 12 MPixel)
  • Telecentric lenses 0.28x - 10x
  • Telecentric zoom lens (4 zoom steps) 0.25x - 2x
  • Adapted tripod setups
  • External data and trigger interface
  • Windows interface to the shear and bending tester Condor Sigma from XYZTEC GmbH
XYZTEC - Condor Sigma with microDAC® measuring system
XYZTEC - Condor Sigma
with microDAC® measuring system
(Images: XYZTEC)
Knitting machine with microDAC® measuring system
Knitting machine
with microDAC® measuring system
(Images: Terrot GmbH)
Basic system microDAC®
Basic system microDAC®
Adhesive properties
in shear test with microDAC®
Deformation behavior
in bending test with microDAC®
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